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A comprehensive service designed to have clients ready to undertake their home search on arrival. This service can also be designed to the needs of individual clients.

Home and school search.

  • Contact with client prior to arrival and provision of questionnaire;

  • Arrange or advise re temporary accommodation;

  • Research market for properties fulfilling clients’ needs and budget;

  • Shortlist of properties in consultation with client;

  • Compile schedule of appointments;

  • Accompanied inspections of shortlisted homes;

  • Assist with application process;

  • Liaise and negotiation with agent/landlord re terms and conditions of lease;

  • Assistance with furniture rental (if required);

  • Connection of utilities;

  • Orientation of targeted area;

  • Info Pak containing maps, details of local services and facilities related to clients interests and chosen area;

  • Assistance with finalising lease, collection of keys, and checking condition and inventory report;

  • provision of list of doctors and dentists within area;

Additional School Search as required

  • Advise on suitable schools in targeted areas;

  • Research enrolment availability, curriculum and arranging interviews as required;

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Introductory overview of Canberra. Designed for employers to showcase the benefits of living in Canberra to potential employees

Approx 4 – 6 hours
  • Provision of a Canberra map;

  • Pick-up from accommodation or office;

  • Tour of suburbs likely to be most appropriate for individual requirements;

  • Drive past properties within rental ceiling. Consultant carries an ipad to show internal photos;

  • A general rundown of education facilities;

  • Drive past targeted schools. Provision of links to targeted schools;

Orientation Compass
Departure Plane

Departure Service

Designed for the busy executive who needs to head out of Canberra to their next stage in life & Career.

Approx 4-6 hours
  • Liaise with agent/landlord re termination of lease;

  • Organise end-of-lease cleaning/ carpet cleaning and gardening as per lease agreement;

  • Disconnection of utilities;

  • Attend final inspection and ensure completion of forms to enable return of bond;

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Move Management

Designed for the busy and time poor we can coordinate your move within Canberra.

  • Incorporating a departure service if required;

  • Organise 3 quotes from reputable removalists;

  • Supervise uplift and furniture delivery to new property;

  • Liaise with building manager if required;

  • Organise clean of either property;

  • Organise and book overnight accommodation if required;

  • Liaise with client re furniture layout;

  • Organise unpacking service- not limited to kitchen set up & making of beds;

  • Connection of utilities;

  • Assistance with “change of address”;

  • Supervise collection of empty boxes;

Move Management
Move Icons

Packages tailor-made, for you.

We’re all different, Client’s needs can vary widely. We are happy to design a programme to fit individuals needs and requirements